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now you can check the movie schedule anytime and anywhere, trailers, info and discussions with other movie lovers.

Movie Schedules

A list of films currently playing in theaters today in the city chosen and list of films that will be screened in theaters in selected cities.

+40 Cities

List of 56 major cities in Indonesia that have the best cinemas, you can choose the city you want so that the application displays all related films in the city of your choice.

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Other visitors who see the Cinema Movie app in the scope of Google maps and in the form of a list of sequences from the closest to the farthest from your position.

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personal movie schedules

Best movie app schedule that presents the most complete cinema and television screening schedule info in Indonesia, presented based on certain cities in Indonesia.

Apps Features

Explore more, We provide many features to pamper and make you special.

Now & Upcoming

Movie schedules in theaters today in the city chosen.


Connect with other movie lovers and discuss.

Theater Info

List of all theaters in the selected city, the distance of the cinema, more.

Many Cities

List of 56 major cities in Indonesia that have the best cinemas, enjoy your choices.

TV Schedule & Streaming

Television schedules in Indonesia and can watch streaming directly.

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This section is just kidding because this application is completely free, but if you want to buy all the source code, of course you can.

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Many positive responses that motivate us very much, although there are some who give harsh criticism which is certainly a meaningful input for us.

Good nice and comportable, simple and user friendly

Wilfred Orbita

Good reference for the cinema schedule, also TV streaming.

Alex Laurend

So easy to use. Just choose, click and click. Very useful for us to see movie schedule.

Tantri Utami

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